/'bee zee koding'/

We are a fullstack digital service­s company​

We build web sites and applications for SMEs, start-ups, and global clients

Web Design

We work on digital projects​ that can be ​wider than a simple web design or application development.

We design the whole experience of your product to fullfill your goals, beyond the browser, beyond pretty pixels and fancy animations.

Full Stack Web Development

We take care of all the layers of your project.

We are developers with broad knowledge and interests, though with very deep expertise in a couple of areas. This brings a repertoire of ideas and concepts that can work productively with people on other parts of the clients' team.

Open Source

Open Source is our first choice for both the tools we use and those that we create: check out our free tools.

The Playbook

A.k.a everything you need to know to work with us: read the Playbook.

Work with us

Do you have a great idea or a problem that you need help for? We’d love to talk about it.